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Factory 1:Highway street 1897#, Jiashan,Jiaxing,Zhejiang

Factory 2:Zhenye road 398#, south street,Jiaxing,Zhejiang

  • Internal WIFI Antenna

    Contact NowInternal WIFI AntennaWIFI/ WLAN Antenna Advantage : 1.Quality advantage:100% test, 5 test process during production, First time pass rate 99%, 2.Technical advantage:high gain, low attenuation, signal receiving ability 3.28 years experience in research and development, 30 engineers have helped us develop our current...Read More

  • Automative Roof Shark Fin Antenna

    Contact NowAutomative Roof Shark Fin AntennaRead More

  • Internal GNSS Antenna

    Contact NowInternal GNSS AntennaGNSS Antenna Advantages: 1)We have developed a high-precision GNSS antenna, including GPS L1 / L2, GLONASS L1 / L2, COMPASS B1 / B2 / B3, Galieo E1, E5b, E6 ,variety of products are available, also we put into mass production 2)Quality advantage: products are 100% tested,in the production line,...Read More