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The big antenna performance

Effect 1 antenna performance is mainly the following aspects of the Big Dipper, ceramics: ceramic powder and sintering process directly affects its performance. Ceramics is mainly used in the market 25x25, and 18x18, and 15x15, and 12x12. Ceramic one-sided accumulation of large dielectric constant, the greater, the higher resonance frequencies, accepted the better.  Ceramics films are mostly square design, is to ensure that the resonance in XY directions are basically the same, so as to achieve uniform collecting star effect. 2, Silver: Silver layer on ceramic antenna can affect the resonant frequency of the antenna. Ideal compass ceramic frequency accuracy falls at 1561/1615.68 ± 7MHz2, antenna frequency around is highly vulnerable to environmental impacts, particularly in the Assembly in the machine, must adjust the silver-coated appearance, to adjust the frequency again remained at 1561/1615.68 ± 7MHz2. /GPS Navigator of the Big Dipper machine manufacturers must cooperate in the purchase antenna antenna manufacturers, provide complete machine samples for testing.