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Consulting and Professional Services

TIM-TSG responses to all VMWare Virtualization solution (Server, Storage and Network), HyperConvergence, and Cisco Unified Computing Systems needed by TIM Corporation and conglomerates.

Project Management

TIM's approach is firmly rooted in our project management discipline. In any well-organized project engagement, there is a common set of required project management activities that must be performed, regardless of the nature of the engagement.

IT Outsourcing

TIM's BPO services allow you to focus on your core business while we handle your non-core functions. We make sure you get the most out of your resources as you access.

TIM's expert technical skills. This increased efficiency translates into improved operations making for a highly competent business.

TIM's BPO services portfolio includes: Application Services Outsourcing TIM boasts of extensive experience in providing and managing software-based services with several ERP applications like SAP and Oracle.

Managed Services for Data Center

TIM helps you make sure these ends aren't compromised. We simplify your operations so you can focus on high value activities. Our Offshore Data Operations services include Data Center Management, Remote Desktop Management and Application Support Services.

Managed Services for Desktops

As the corporate workplace continues to move towards a distributed computing environment with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and virtualized desktops and workplaces, the need increases for personalization and flexibility while still maintaining IT control and compliance to corporate standards. TIM Corporation's Management Services for Desktops provide end-to-end management, enabling a secure, stable work environment with desktops operating efficiently and cost-effectively.