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Rise of Digitalization 2017 DELL EMC Event - Cebu

Posted at July 3, 2017




The challenge nowadays is to address the rapid change of the Data Center Technology towards the industrial revolution. This revolution fundamentally transforms the way every business operate in the industry.

Total Information Management (TIM) Corp., has the capability and confidence in this huge change on how to address the future role in the Digital Transformation era. TIM realizes that for every business in the industry to  be ahead, all shall embrace the industrial transformation and accept the Digitalization era.

TIM together with DELL EMC Philippines launched this Rise of Digitalization event to empower all its Cebu client about this transformation. TIM aspires to gear up everyone with the latest technology DELL EMC has to offer to the industry leaning towards Digitalization. The successful event was held at The Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu

Present on this event are speakers from TIM, DELL EMC and VMWare Philippines. In the opening remarks, TIM President Mr. Sunver Z. Bastes discussed TIMs’ readiness capability towards digitalization. Mr. Edgar R. Gutierrez, TIM AVP for Business Recovery Center (BRC) and Technical Operations, discussed how the Rise of Digitalization is driving the growth of the Data Center industry (both in the construction space and service provider space).  

On  DELL EMC Philippines, guest speaker Mr. Jose Nino Ramos, Partner Systems Engineer for ISG talked about the different types of server and storage technology products. Regional Sales Manager Mr. Sonny Lapuz discussed comprehensive Data Protection, Disaster and Recovery, Virtualization, Big Data and Cloud Solutions for IT systems. And Mr. Chris Mostrales, Infrastructure Solutions Consultant introduced the latest Hyper-converge (HCI) the VXRail and how it transforms the compute and resources by decreasing it into fewer footprint and simplified infrastructure management.

Lastly from VMware Philippines, Partner Systems Engineer Mr. Renel Rodriguez discussed digital transformation of Datacenter into Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) and Software Defined Networking (SND) or the NSX. This allows IT to simply automate the provisioning, management, redundancy & monitoring/reporting process.

The event was a huge success thanks to our participating partners, DELL EMC and MSI-ECS.