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2016 Finale: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Security Event; December 20, 2016 at the TIM Executive Lounge, Makati City

Posted at January 3, 2017


Total Information Management Corp., in Partnership with Somansa, conducted a half day customer conference for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) called "Protecting Sensitive Data."

The event was held at the TIM Executive Lounge last December 20, 2016 and attended by select TIM customers in various industries such as banking, BPO and healthcare among others.

Mr. Sunver Z. Bastes, President of TIM, spearheaded the event by giving a short remark on TIM's directions in terms of providing Security Solutions and Services to its customers.

Sunver cited that TIM, as a company, acknowledges and understands the extreme importance of security especially on sensitive individual and corporate data, and its real value to organizations.

After which, Sunver introduced Mr. Erik Kwon, President/CEO of Somansa, the technological partner of choice of TIM in the DLP space.

Based in San Jose, California, Somansa manages 1000+ customers worldwide and has over 20 years of experience in data security. Somansa has been included in the Forrester Vendor Landscape Report for Data Loss Prevention and was awarded with 4.5 Stars by online security magazine, SC Magazine.

To add to the list of achievements, Somansa is also recognized in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Erik presented the two main DLP products of Somansa, "Mail-I" and "Privacy-I".

Mail-I handles the network aspect of the DLP Solution with the capability to monitor/block E-Mail, Webmail, HTTP and the like.

Privacy-I is an agent based solution that handles the endpoint aspect of the DLP focusing on the monitoring of copying to USB drives, copying to Shared Folder, Printing, and others.

These two products, when used together, provide the customer with a Total Data Loss Prevention Solution covering both data at rest and data in motion.

After the general introduction of the product, a short demo was conducted by TIM Technical Consultants, Lericho Parayno and Mheljun Enanoria.

Some of the features presented in the live demo where -

  • Built in policies creation, and application
  • Copy Prevent+
  • Shared Folder Prevent+
  • Decide Policy
  • Incident Investigation
  • Reports
  • Built in policies creation, and application
  • Webmail monitoring/blocking
  • Upload to personal file sharing
  • Incident Investigation
  • Reports

Gracing the event as a Customer Reference was Mr. Mark Mistal, CIO of SPI-Global (first customer in the Philippines to adopt the Somansa DLP products). He discussed his experience with Somansa DLP and how it compares with the other technology brands.

In essence Mr. Mistal shared their organization's thorough & rigid evaluation process prior to choosing Somansa and some of the key reasons for choosing Somansa, such as but not limited to technology advancement, technical support and price competitiveness.

Definitely another successful customer technology event for TIM and its Partner, Somansa.

About SPI Global - http://www.spi-global.com

About Somansa - http://www.somansatech.com