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TIM Bootcamp2016 "NovemberFest"

Posted at November 20, 2016


  • TIM Bootcamp2016 NovemberFest
  • TIM Bootcamp2016 NovemberFest
  • TIM Bootcamp2016 NovemberFest
  • TIM Bootcamp2016 NovemberFest
  • TIM Bootcamp2016 NovemberFest
  • TIM Bootcamp2016 NovemberFest
  • TIM Bootcamp2016 NovemberFest

November is the month to plan ahead what stands best for the next coming year, to de-stress and hit the books to enhance our knowledge and skills for the preparation.

With this, Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation together with our trusted technology partner MSI-ECS Philippines launched a year ender 2-day customer Bootcamp event titled "the NovemberFest".

The objective of the event is to inspire and help the clients better understand the latest technologies in the industry today around virtualization, storage, Hyper-convergence infrastructure and backup with replication for virtualization. Essentially a fun way to learn and educate.

The event was held last November 17 & 18 at Club Balai Isabel, Talisay Batangas.

TIM Corp., President Mr. Sunver Z. Bastes delivered the welcome speech. He briefly shared the humble beginnings of TIM and the success of the company in the industry from 30 years of it was founded.

The 2 day program are consist of the following sessions, Day 1 - Technical Deep dive presentation from various invited subject matter experts from our principals, Fun and Games and Night socials. Day 2 -Group lab scenario exercise and presentation.

Day 1

  • VMWare Philippines, discussed about the Virtual SAN Technology how to achieve shared storage without getting an external expensive physical storage. Secondly the Automation of Disaster and Recovery process of the virtual machines via Site Recovery Manager or SRM. Lastly, how to have a visibility inside your virtual infrastructure in terms by getting a comprehensive reporting and analytics tool that can provide real-time health, risk and efficiency monitoring and reporting.
  • Dell/EMC Philippines, talked about their latest Storage technology, the UnityDell EMC Unity all-flash storage how it can bring high performance with low latency to a broad range of SAN and NAS storage. How it mix workloads of consolidated storage and server virtualization. Then the Hyper-Convergence solution, the VXRAIL. The appliance from Dell EMC. Like VSPEX BLUE. That includes compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources in a single box.
  • VEEAM shared their capabilities in virtualization replication and backup. How it provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data, unifying backup and replication all in a single solution for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments.
  • Lastly, TIM BRC team showcased the innovation of TIM Business Recovery Center in terms of network connectivity equipment's, facility and Data Center operations.

Day 2

  • LAB exercises, delegates were separated into 3 groups, each group create a solution based on the mentioned and discussed technologies. Individually, each group presented their solution method and design in front of everybody.
  • Delegates has a chance to have one on one dialogs with our invited subject matter experts. They have discussed their requirements and strategies on how they want to design, innovate their datacenter as well as aligning to the new technologies towards the contemporary datacenters.
  • The winner of this activity received an exclusive prizes courtesy of TIM and MSI-ECS.


Truly, this event did not only provided a fun learning experience for the Delegates but also created awareness to the ever fast evolving technologies in industry today. TIM is always focused in helping our customers to understand this reality. To make sure they are prepared, updated and knowledgeable of the technologies so that on their own, they can develop and design a solutions essential to their company.

This event would not have been possible without the support and participation of our partner MSI-ECS and our key principal partners VMWare Philippines, EMC Philippines and Veeam.