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Hyperconverged Infrastructure: The Next Wave of Technology

Posted at July 23, 2016


Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation in partnership with MSI, EMC, Brocade & VMware featured the next wave of technology solution rapidly taking the market today by storm which is the Hyper-Converged Technology.


The event was held at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Cebu last July 23, 2016 which was highly attended by some of the leading companies located in Cebu themed "LEAP AHEAD". This grand event was attended by more than 100 customers from 70 distinct companies in Cebu across various industries, and brought together by world technology leaders in the Hyper Converged space namely EMC, Brocade and VMWare.


TIM Corp. President Mr. Sunver Bastes, opened the event by giving a brief background about the company, and its product and services. One of the highlights of this event is an in-depth discussion of how to streamline and yet increase reliability your current IT infrastructure through the use of Hyperconverged technology and Solutions.


Various subject matter experts like Mr. Francis Ong, Lee Siong Fey & Mr. Mr. Diego Canivel from EMC Singapore and Philippines. Mr. Mike Fernandez from VMware Philippines. And Mr. Chua Chee Pin & Mr. Varan Orapiriyakul from Brocade Singapore showcased how hyperconverged infrastructure technology can easily manage and drastically improve our customers ever increasing workload of data at the same time the various global best practices in protecting such data.


Some of the major take away from the speakers is how such technologies have evolved from the traditional infrastructure set up to the now well-known Converged Virtualized infra and the beginning of the "future" next wave of technology which is now the Hyperconverged. The speakers shared their insights on the latest technologies and best practices around optimization, simplification and virtualization of datacenter foot print regardless of customer size and operations and how such solution shall overall lower down your Total Cost of Ownership and yet vastly improve once productivity and potential down time in case of disasters.


This event would not have been possible without the support and participation of our key principal partners EMC Philippines, VMWare Philippines, BROCADE & MSI-ECS.