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TeamMate Audit Seminar 2016

Posted at July 12, 2016


Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation in exclusive partnership with CCH TeamMate, the world's leading Audit Management solution under Wolters Kluwer's Audit, Risk & Compliance, held its Annual Audit Seminar last July 12th, 2016 at Fairmont Makati.


A full house event attended by distinct enterprise customers and some of the prominent TeamMate user groups in the country. Delivering the opening remarks for the event was Mr. Matthew Sullivan, General Manager, TeamMate Asia Pacific. After which, Mr. Arthur Leong, Business Development Manager, TeamMate Asia Pacific, and a veteran in the international Audit community, talked about best practice for starting out with Data Analytics. Mr. Dakila Lavilla, of PwC was our special guest speaker, and he shared professional insights on the State of Internal Audit Profession.


During the event, TeamMate Asia Pacific gave recognition to Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation for its Outstanding Performance in 2015. The award was given by TeamMate Asia Pacific GM Matthew Sullivan to Mr. Sunver Bastes President of TIM Corporation. TIM was ranked within the top 10 best performing countries worldwide out of over 100. "More than the recognition from our Principal Partner CCH-TeamMate which we truly appreciate, our real measurement of success is in the number of happy customers continuously using and taking advantage of the benefits of the audit solution and expanding its usage across their organization." Says Mr. Bastes, President of TIM Corporation.


For the past years Total Information Management has worked exclusively with TeamMate to provide sales coverage in the Philippines. TIM is also crucial in providing product & infrastructure installation, implementation and consulting solution services to key customers in the Philippines such as ABS-CBN, NGCP, Meralco, Smart Telecom and others. TIM plays a significant role in driving business growth and technology adoption of TeamMate in the Philippines.

TeamMate is the world's most widely-used audit management system, with more than 100,000 auditors and over 2,200 organizations using the solution globally. In addition, TeamMate solutions also include Controls Management and Analytics. Together, this ecosystem of solutions provides auditors with the confidence needed to manage all aspects of risk identification and assessment, electronic working paper creation and management, controls framework management, and data analysis.