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Internal Audit Automation Seminar

Posted at April 28, 2016


Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation in exclusive partnership with TeamMate, the world's leading Audit Management solution under Wolters Kluwer's Audit, Risk & Compliance, held Internal Audit Automation Seminar last April 28, 2016 at Quest Hotel Cebu City. It was attended by some of the leading companies that are Cebu based.

The event was opened by TIM Corp.'s Sales Director Mr. Migs de Guzman who gave a brief background about the company, and its various products, services and various projects that they have implemented in which has helped a lot of companies specially in the line of automation.

"The use of technology in business has truly become a necessity in order to stay relevant. And such innovation already cuts across various lines of business in organizations from IT group all the way to Top Management. And Audit has actually been one of the area's that we have seen a huge growth in terms of automation in the past 2 years. In fact, we've had nine (9) Audit Management automation projects last year from customers across industries from Hotels to Telecommunication companies. And through the aforementioned projects that we have implemented, we have proven and firmly believe that TeamMate is the best solution in the market that was made by auditors for auditors."

The event was then addressed by Mr. Alex Aguinaldo, Account Manager for Wolters Kluwer handling the Philippines from Wolters Kluwer Singapore and discussed about their company and the need for organizations to develop and implement an audit technology strategy and the impact of driving automation in the audit management process.

The seminar also brought in subject matter experts Ms. Fadzilah Musa that discussed audit management discipline and illustriously addressed diverse concerns that internal corporate auditors are currently facing. She provided valuable insights on how to leverage technology complemented by best practice processes to maximize corporate audit function impact to organizations.

The seminar was a successful event thanks to our participating partners and Cebu customers.