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TIM-WKFS: 2015 Finance, Risk and Compliance Seminar

Posted at July 23, 2015


Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation in exclusive partnership with Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, and in collaboration with Microsoft Philippines held our "2015 Finance, Risk and Compliance Seminar" last July 23' 2015 at Raffles & Fairmont Hotel Makati.


A successful event attended by more than 45 guests,mostly top executives coming from 17 Financial Services Institutions in the country. The event brought in subject matter experts that gave a broader understanding on how regulatory reforms impact operational risk & compliance management at the same providing valuable insights on how to leverage sophisticated management tools to tackle the different challenges in the fast changing regulations and compliance requirements in the financial industry sector.


"As regulatory bodies continue to set out expectations with regard to financial institutions' operational risk management framework and practices, there is a growing need for banks, insurance and other financial services companies to establish governance around sustainability to manage risk and to ensure compliance" said Steve Taylor, Director, Product Management, Risk & Compliance, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.


"TIM's commitment to our customer's success involve us providing the best industry business solutions while at the same time fostering collaborative environments such as this summit that bring in best practices, both local and global. Our exclusive partnership with WKFS for so many years now has been a crucial part of our business success and continued customer relevance in the financial services sector. WKFS by far is a global leader in the Governance, Risk & Compliance space" says Michael De Guzman, Sales Director - Banking and Financial services division of TIM Corp.


Wolters Kluwer Financial Services has helped a lot of organizations around the world manage risk and compliance, and grow safely and profitably by providing software, expertise and services to help them make critical business decisions. As the leading worldwide provider of comprehensive compliance, risk management solutions for the financial services industry.