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Network Solutions

TIM’s Global Network Service (“GNS”) Platform is a carrier-neutral/telco agnostic business-grade premium Internet gateway facility that provides highly available connectivity solutions inside and outside of TIM’s data center. As a licensed VAS operator and a registered APNIC network operator, TIM leverages the domestic and global network coverage of its Telco partners (i.e. PLDT, GLOBE, RADIUS, ETPI, PCCW, HGC, TELSTRA etc) in order to serve the network requirements of its customers (inside and outside of the Philippines).

TIM as a VAS Licensed Operator

Enables TIM to offer the following connectivity solutions :
  • Leased Line (point to point)
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching(MPLS ) /IPVPN services (point to multipoint)
  • International Private Line circuit Service (country to country)
  • Internet Bandwidth (IP Transit)

TIM GNS Infrastructure

  • Autonomous System Number (ASN) - 135423 - a unique ID assigned by APNIC to registered global network operators
  • Designed to have optimized /premium routes going to ASIA
  • Capacities on multiple cable systems connecting Philippines to HK
  • Point of Presence in HK and Carmona
  • Ability to detect DDOS detects at the border and apply 1st level mitigation measures