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Who We Are

Total Information Management (TIM) is part of the Zenutna Group of Companies and is a 100-percent Filipino-owned Technology Solutions Company based in Makati City. With a strong pool of talent, robust financial resources and over three decades of experience, TIM is currently one of the most enduring I.T. companies in the Philippines and a trusted technology partner to some of the country's largest financial and commercial institutions.


Our Vision

"To be the consulting partner of choice by providing trustworthy, innovative and best-fit solutions for both the public and private sectors, developing customer-centric, competent and empowered professionals committed to delivering total customer experience."

Our Mission

"Helping Customers Succeed."

Core Values: E M P O W E R

E fficiency and Effectiveness

M otivating People

P assion at Work

O utstanding Performance

W ork Ethics

E mployee Focus

R eliability

What We Do

Established in 1985, TIM started as a supplier of IT equipment and peripherals including maintenance services. Since then, TIM has expanded its product and service line to include the world's leading brands in hardware, software and business applications. TIM's services portfolio now comprise of maintenance and engineering services, business continuity and recovery solutions, system integration and outsourcing services. Years after its founding, TIM has evolved to be the provider of complete technology solutions to organizations in the fields of banking and finance, media, retail, IT services, telecommunications, utility, hotel, Healthcare, insurance, gaming, and  manufacturing industries, including government to mention a few.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Proven track record in System Integration

For decades, TIM has implemented a long and impressive list complex system integration projects in various industries. TIM's strategic partnership with technology leading brands enables it to provide the best solutions for its clients.


Unsurpassed service capabilities


Strategic partnerships with global I.T. brands

TIM's strong partnerships with the world's leading I.T. brands give clients access to the most advanced technologies. (Please refer to our Partner list).